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Filthy Rich


Episode Thirteen

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What happened in Episode Thirteen?

John Jnr is suspicious when Joe goes out on a mystery date. The hook up is actually Sir Douglas, who wants an alliance – and information about a possible Lloyd Maxwell takeover. Joe renews his contact with his siblings as he finds John also has a mystery hook up.

Vader knows he's screwed things up with Savannah, but she refuses to talk to him. Vader decides that he will give most of his dividend money to Gillian and Garth. Nancy is very impressed at this generosity.

Savannah finds Sir Douglas has called another board meeting on the strength of Brady's arrest. He is calling for her resignation. Savannah opposes this, but the motion is carried.

Vader is pleased when Savannah wants to talk, but finds it's a meeting with Joe. Savannah wants them all to publicly support Brady, but both Vader and Joe have reasons to stay under the radar. So Savannah picks up the baton, and makes a moving statement to journalists.

Grace returns Kennedy's missing phone. Kennedy gets a call from Alan. He is angry that Kennedy has betrayed his confidence. He makes her delete all
her messages to him. Kennedy is furious with Grace for ruining things. 

Brady fires Maria, and realises that she was in love with John. But when she taunts her, Maria fights back: she knows secrets that John never told Brady – but she refuses to reveal anything further. She leaves a parting gift: the spooky burnt doll and an old picture.

Gillian calls Vader, shocked at his rash gift. She suspects that he must have stolen the money and refuses to touch it.

Joe visits Nancy to get background on the Maxwells. Nancy reveals Lloyd and John were rivals – but if he wants to meet a Maxwell, she could arrange

John Jnr meets Ariana to further his plans to get good PR and impress Ariana. Toni is pained to meet Ariana and thinks John is a prick for dropping
her in it.

Savannah's interview is on the news. Her moving defence impresses Brady, distresses Lorna, angers John Jnr and makes Cherry feel wistful.

Patricia has tracked Roxy to the islands, but Brady is sure that the person who framed her must be Lorna, and she wants Patricia to look into it. Savannah is worried.

Cherry confronts Vader about his feelings – and in order to prove that he has no interest in Savannah he goes to bed with Cherry.

Grace apologises to Kennedy – she was jealous because she loves Kennedy. And she kisses her.

Nancy takes Joe to a charity function, where the auctioneer is Annabelle Maxwell, daughter of Lloyd. He buys lunch with her, but Annabelle decides sex now would be better. But as Joe and Annabelle return from their quickie – he runs into Ariana. She sees what's going on and assumes that this is the
woman he's already been sleeping with. Ariana punches Joe.