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Filthy Rich


Episode Six

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What happened in Episode Six?


After Joe's confrontation with Brady, Nancy warns Joe to stay away from Vivian and John, and counsels that the truth may not make him happy.

John claims that Poke must have lied about the house, because he knows that John hates his battle axe of a mother. Joe isn't satisfied, but John is still his
conduit to Vivian.

Ariana has found TBH are slumlords and that a child died in a house fire in one of their properties. The name Warren Brankovich leads Joe to Fisher, but he’s unable to supply any leads.

John Jnr goes to a hotel and meets with a dominatrix, who turns out to be his mother, Vivian. She is not impressed with news of the cuckoos, but John insists Joe is an ally.

Joe meets Toni to talk - and ends up sleeping with her. 

Brady meets Alan Griever who has issues with an environmental report on the Northland Development. Brady offers to deliver the company version and it seems like there's romance afoot.

Savannah is upset that her mother has left rehab, but this firms her resolve her to stay at Truebridge Mansion and change her name.

Kennedy is not impressed, but has plans to get some extra attention from her mother.

Savannah is nervous about her first board meeting, and her fears seem founded as chairman Sir Douglas humiliates her. But when he raises an increase in director's fees, Savannah opposes him. Brady backs her and Savannah feels she's won the day. But Brady is furious that Savannah ambushed her.

As Savannah is starring on the board, Vader is on humble duties with Cherry, who fancies him.

Brady finds that Kennedy has been dropped at school - by the police. She's appalled to find a teacher mildly rebuking the teens - then finds he's sctually Sam Holoway, Kennedy's school friend Grace’s Dad. Sam is lobbyist with greenie leanings. Brady spars with him in flirty fashion.

Ariana gets first hand reports of the shoddy state of TBH homes and John Jnr, shocked, offers to help Joe and Ariana take action.

Vivian plays the angles by sleeping with Sir Douglas . . .

Savannah makes a splash in the media as the youngest, female board member in NZ – and finds she's getting paid director's fees. Savannah's feeling good; but is suspicious when her mother visits. Lorna claims to want to wish her well.

Savannah buys a present for her mother, but when she goes to deliver it, she finds Lorna is wasted. Unaware of the trap Lorna is in, Savannah decides she wants Karl dead - literally. 

Brady offers to personally deliver the report to Alan Griever, but is put out when he wants Cherry to deliver it. Brady makes it clear that Cherry is under
no obligation to do anything. Alan flatters Cherry and she's feeling good when he suggests she take off her clothes. When he threatens her, she feels she