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Filthy Rich


Episode Seven

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What happened in Episode Seven?

Savannah wants to hire hit man, Snake, to kill Karl and Roxy reluctantly sends her his number. Savannah tells Vader she wants Karl out of her life, but not the details. When Karl is suspicious, Roxy wants Savannah to call it off, but she refuses.

Vader is worried for Savannah. He deflects his feelings for her by calling Cherry - with Alan Griever who has made her strip naked. But he decides she’s too old for his tastes. Cherry flees, deeply upset.

As Brady prepares for the share float, she notes Cherry is subdued but doesn't press. When Vader jokes about Nancy stripping off, Cherry bursts into tears and tells him about Alan Griever. Vader is appalled and confronts Brady who tells him it's none of his business. But she advises Cherry to toughen up and stand up for herself. Emboldened, Cherry asks Vader out.

Joe and Ariana don’t trust John Jnr, but accept his offers for help. Joe finds Ariana's chastity frustrating and goes back to Toni for sex. When she
suggests a date, Joe admits he's engaged, but Toni insists it's okay. She tells John Jnr she has qualms and he offers career advancement to keep her in
the game.

John learns that his mother is having an affair with Sir Douglas. He wants Vivian's help to tighten his grip on Joe and arranges to meet for lunch. Joe and Ariana ask about Joe's mother at lunch, but Vivian insists she doesn't know anything. The conversation moves onto the state of her company's houses and Vivian leaves in a huff. John goes after her, but she is furious.

John promises Joe he's not giving up. His journalist friend Poke agrees to help in return for the personal story from Joe.

Meanwhile, Vivian visits Nancy and gives her a blasting. It seems both women have a secret involving Joe's mother. Later, Vivian is appalled to see a promo for a current affairs expose on her housing stock. John is delighted, but Joe's parents are hurt that Joe has made his background public and reveal they know what happened to his mother – she is dead. Joe is shattered.

Kennedy conspires with Grace to sneak out to bars to get men to buy them drinks. When Kennedy admits she's a virgin, Grace suggests she could sleep
with a random if she wants to get it over and done with. Kennedy seems to be considering it…

Vader is surprised to get a visit from Roxy, who is looking for Savannah. She tells him about the planned hit on Karl and he is shocked. He calls Savannah, who denies that she ever meant to go through with it. But we see she has a bag full of money. Vader insists on a lift and is perturbed. She admits she is meeting Acca and Vader insists on going with her. He tries desperately to talk her out of her plan and Savannah finally decides to call it off. But now another car blocks them in. It's Karl and he's really, really pissed off...