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Filthy Rich


Episode Five

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What happened in Episode Five? 

Joe is distraught that he cheated on Ariana, but John Jnr promises discretion.

Vincent's parting shot against Brady is to warn Savannah not to sign the share authorisation unless she gains advantage.

Vader's friend Garth is conscious, but has suffered brain damage. Vader is all the more spurred to help Gillian and Garth, and agrees to Savannah's request to return to town.

Brady confronts Maria, who denies she was having an affair with John. She claims she was comforting him because he was terminally ill with prostate
cancer. Brady almost believes her, but fires Maria. But in John's diary she finds unknown contacts: one is a cancer specialist, and another is a married
woman – Christine. Was he having an affair?

Joe feels guilty around Ariana, as we find Joe's chance meeting with Toni was all set up by John Jnr. But John gets disturbing news about who owned the
house in Waiparapa Ave. He shares the fact that it was an old gent, who is deceased with no relatives. Joe is disappointed, but Ariana smells a rat.

Savannah gathers the cuckoos and suggests that if they're going to allow the share float to go ahead, then they should get something out of it. She has an idea about what that might be. She suggests all the family shareholders meet and sign the forms together, and Brady has no choice but to agree.

Brady goes to meet the mysterious Christine, only to find she's not the ‘other woman’ – she's an Anglican minister, who was counselling John at Maria's
suggestion. It seems that he was ill and guilty for sins in his past.

Brady starts to worry that John's death was in fact suicide – and also that he changed his will voluntarily to benefit his cast-off offspring.

The cuckoos and John Jnr meet Brady, Fisher and Corban to sign the forms. Savannah announces that they have a condition: in exchange they want a
seat on the board – and she has been chosen as their representative. Brady sees this as ingratitude, but Savannah is unrepentant. Eventually, Brady is convinced to agree.

Now that she knows the truth about John Snr, Brady rehires Maria.

Savannah finds Karl is waiting outside of her motel and takes refuge at the Truebridge House with Vader, where he has an uncomfortable night of very unbrotherly thoughts.

But Brady has conditions for Savannah – if she's to be on the board, she needs to look the part, and change her name to Savannah Truebridge.

Karl blackmails Lorna into leaving rehab and Savannah is distraught to hear she has gone. Lorna refuses to go back and Savannah tells her mother she's leaving, for good.

Ariana has searched the title of the house where Joe's mother lived, and found the real owner was none other than TBH - Truebridge Hunt Housing. Joe, angry at the lies, confronts Brady – who reveals that TBH is actually owned by Vivian Truebridge: John's ex-wife and John Jnr's mother...