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Filthy Rich


Episode Fifteen

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What happened in Episode Fifteen?

Vader alerts Brady to Savannah's departure. Brady is shocked to read Savannah's confession but determined to stop her – as Savannah waits at the
police station.

Lorna calls Considine, and as Savannah starts to confess he reveals that Lorna has taken the blame. And now Savannah finds her mother has had a car accident.

Brady arrives to save Savannah, only to find she's been released.

Savannah feels numb and sick.

Brady leaves a message of concern and files Savannah's letter.

Brady is exonerated and her priority is to resume her position and stick it to Sir Douglas. Sam finds her ruthless but inspiring. Sam and Brady decide to out their relationship to their kids.


Joe moves out of John Jnr's apartment. Annabelle wants to know what he plans to do with the intel from her father.

Joe meets Sir Douglas, but doesn't reveal Lloyd Maxwell's plans. What is he up to?

John Jnr pursues his plan to impress Ariana and get maximum publicity from good works. He also needles Ariana by pointing out a press shot of Joe from the charity function.

Toni thinks John is evil, but he thinks he's merely offering a cure. But Ariana is enraged, and goes to Joe's new place – uh oh, stalker.


Kennedy and Grace want to expose Alan Griever. Kennedy gets cold feet and decides she should tell Brady.

Brady returns to work to find Alan Griever meeting Sir Douglas. Brady ejects Sir Douglas and calls a board meeting. Brady wants Savannah's resignation to be rescinded, but Sir Douglas has found a new family board rep – Joe.

Brady's reinstatement faces a hung vote, as Joe abstains. She sees he might be a threat.

Kennedy runs into Alan, who threatens her. But Grace exhorts her not to give up – and offers to use herself as bait.


Joe and Annabelle get a fright when someone throws a rock through his window. Joe thinks it's a random act, but Annabelle suspects Ariana and is thrilled to have a stalker. Joe confronts Ariana.

John Jnr is thrilled to find their relationship has gone from bad to worse, but disturbed to hear that Ariana still loves Joe. He counsels her to move on.

Toni finds John on with the hunky builder – she thought he was keen on Ariana. John agrees, but he wants her as a conquest.

Ariana visits Joe to make peace. Joe admits he misses her, but their closeness is interrupted by Annabelle. She provokes a fight with Ariana.


Vader tries to see Savannah, but she refuses to let him in.

Savannah identifies her mother's body and realises that she only has one thing to her name – the club. While she's there, Vader calls and she tells him she doesn't want to see anyone.

Cherry tries to cheer Vader up and they head out for a drink – where Vader is recognized by a woman who calls him Zac...

As Savannah meets Snake – to reopen the club, and score.