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Filthy Rich


Episode Eleven

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What happened in Episode Eleven? 

Brady annoys Detective Considine with brazen denials, and suggests that the person who put the knife under her bed was probably the same person who
tipped off the cops.

Savannah is feeling under pressure, and Vader is also worried. Who could have done it?

Detective Considine sees that Maria may be useful in providing information.

Kennedy informs the Minister about Brady's predicament, and he counsels that Kennedy needs to be mistress of her own destiny. But he then tips off an associate, called Lloyd.


Toni visits Joe to share the good news that she has a new job. But now Joe sees texts on her phone from John Jnr. He is appalled to realise that John set
up the whole relationship in order to have a hold over him.

Toni is sorry and Joe asks her not to tell John that he knows.

Joe then gatecrashes John's war council with Sir Douglas and Vivian. The plan is to knock the share price in order to take down Brady. But Sir Douglas fears Lloyd Maxwell may be intent on a takeover bid.

John is piqued at Joe's change in attitude, and insists he's still backing Joe's relationship with Ariana.

Joe takes his leave from the community centre and calls Ariana, apparently intent on reconciliation.

Despite her display of confidence, Brady is thrown when Sir Douglas calls an emergency board meeting – and appalled to find reporters outside.

John is thrilled to get a tip off from his mate, Poke.

Savannah starts to suspect that Roxy may have planted the knife, and Roxy appears to have taken off.

Lorna calls to ask if Savannah is going to Karl's funeral and Savannah angrily refuses. She wants nothing to do with her mother.

When Vader questions, Savannah reveals what Karl told her: that Lorna knew all about the sexual abuse and did nothing to stop it.

Savannah arrives late for the board meeting, where Brady is appalled to find it's a coup – as Sir Douglas proposes that she take leave from the board. The motion is carried, and Brady leaves the room, angry. Savannah defends Brady, but can’t overturn the motion.

Sam visits Brady, concerned. She is more worried about being rolled than the murder charge, but decides sex would make her feel much better. She rudely dismisses Maria – and she and Sam are pleased the girls are busy elsewhere.

But when a troll attacks Kennedy, Grace responds by punching her.

Maria, clearly up to something, calls Detective Considine.

John is delighted to hear that Brady's been forced to stand down, and proposes himself as an alternative candidate. Vivian points out John's lack of
qualifications and he agrees that he needs to do some work on himself.

Ariana visits Joe and he apologises for his behaviour and tells her he's left the community centre. Despite her disapproval, she doesn't argue.

But now he announces a bigger change: he's breaking up with Ariana. When she argues, he reveals that he's slept with someone else.

Ariana is upset and appalled. Joe feels bad, but it had to be done: John has now lost his hold over him.