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From infamous Bloggers, Photographers, Fashion Editors and Up and coming fashion designers, we sus out just who's saying what about fashion. Op shops - in or out?

Norrie Montgomery: I don't think they have ever been out, everyone loves vintage, retro, and that's the best place to get it from
Derek Henderson: Out.  I'm not wearing somebody else's clothes, it kind of makes me feel weird
Sally Ridge:  Totally in, Jaime (my daughter) is always at Tatty on Ponsonby Road
Liz Mitchell: Yes, in
Isaac Hindin Miller:  Always in, and if they're out they're even better
Jenny: Mmmm... if you mix it up with something new - a bit of the past, a bit of the present Accessories - what's your favourite? 

Norrie Montgomery:  Canon 5d mark 2
Derek Henderson:  I don't have an accessory but I do enjoy watching people torture themselves with the latest
Liz Mitchell:  Shoes
Jenny:  Obi-panel worn over jeans What's the most expensive item of clothing you own?

Norrie Montgomery:  A Christian Audigier t-shirt.  It has a huge skull on the front, with diamonds in the teeth and dollar signs in the eye sockets.  The back reads 'charmed life'
Derek Henderson:  An Ann Demeulemeester jacket
Sally Ridge:  A Prada jacket I brought about 10 years ago
Liz Mitchell:  I've got this amazing embroidered coat which would be my most excessive purchase
Isaac Hindin Miller:  A navy blue made-to-measure double breasted jacket

Which designer you admire the most?

Norrie:  Christian Audigier
Derek Henderon:  Dov Charney from American Apparel because i can shop for my daughter and myself all in the same store and they have sexy shop assistants!
Sally:  Balenciaga
Liz Mitchell:  V and A
Shannon Slade:  It's Cybele, Kate Sylvester, Juliette Hogan, Karen Walker, Nom*D , Stolen Girlfriends Club and the Trelise extravaganza.  However it's always a buzz to see an incredible new design talent blow us all out of the water Black or white? 

Norrie Montgomery:  I prefer colour
Derek Henderson:  Grey
Sally Ridge: Both
Jenny:  Red! Given the choice, do you prefer smart or casual?

Norrie Montgomery:  Casual, I am never out of jeans and T-shirts
Derek Henderson:  Casual
Sally Ridge: Casual, I hate getting dress up
Liz Mitchell - Personally a bit more casual.  I like the outdoors - I'm a beach person.  Obviously my work is about glamour and dressing but my own personal thing is that I like to be comfortable. 
Isaac Hindin Miller:  Smart.  Every young New Zealander seems to have an obsession with grungy clothing. I'm over it. Dress up
Jenny: Smart  What's your favourite fashion trend of recent years? 

Norrie Montgomery:  Ed Hardy in New Zealand.  At last colour and bling - there is too much black in New Zealand
Derek Henderson:  Men's tights
Sally Ridge:  Jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket
Liz Mitchell:  The eclectic mix of different patterns and textiles.  I'm a textile person so mixing up of textiles and colours so that appeals to me.  
Isaac Hindin Miller:  The best trend I've seen in a long time is all the pleated, cropped and cuffed pants coming out at the moment. They look amazing on both men and women
Jenny:  Hats.  They're definitely back in What's your biggest fashion faux pas?

Norrie Montgomery:  Bay city Rollers white jeans with a tartan stripe down one side
Sally Ridge:  Bad jeans
Liz Mitchell - I think in terms of designing gloss we certainly went crazy when designing hats.  Considering we had shoulder pads and hats it was over-kill!  But it was in the 80's though...
Isaac Hindin Miller - Dressing like a waiter
Jenny:  I call them more of a statement! Who in your opinion is the most stylish celebrity?

Norrie Montgomery:  David Bowie
Derek Henderson:  Kate Moss
Sally Ridge:  David Beckham
Liz Mitchell:  I love Cate Blantchett, Helen Miren and Charlotte Rampling
Isaac Hindin Miller:  Mark Ronson and Lapo Elkann
Jenny:  Gwyneth Paltrow.  She just 'owns' whatever she wears Who needs a make-over? 

Jenny: Anyone who is not expressing themselves properly with the clothes they wear What's your favourite colour? 

Norrie Montgomery:  Blue
Derek Henderson:  Porcelain blue
Sally Ridge:  Pink and black
Liz Mitchell:  At the moment, Saffron.  I just think it's in amazingly intense colour.  I change my mind quite regularly
Isaac Hindin Miller:  Maroon
Jenny:  A light olive shade of green What item in your wardrobe can you not live without?

Norrie Montgomery:  My Nobody Jeans and of course my Ed Hardy T-shirts
Derek Henderson:  My organic baby rib men's briefs by American Apparel
Sally Ridge: Jeans
Liz Mitchell:  Anything in cashmere - you can't go back once you've experienced it 
Isaac Hindin Miller:  My beige pants. I wear them nineteen out of twenty days
Jenny:  My Totara panel pants If you had to choose would it be handbags or shoes?

Sally Ridge:  Shoes
Jenny: Shoes but I really wish I didn't have to choose!

Photographer, Norrie Montgomery at The A List
Photographer, Derek Henderson at M.A.P.
Sally Ridge, owner of James and August - James and August
Fashion designer, Liz Mitchell - Liz Mitchell
Fashion blogger, Isaac Hindin Miller - Isaac likes
Fashion designer, Jenny at Y Be - Y Be
Shannon Slade, Fashion & Beauty Editor at Fashion Flossie







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