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Stitch & Bitch: Hot goss from NY Fashion Week

As New Zealand designers complete the final touches on their NZ Fashion Week collections, the who's who of the fashion world are currently quaffing champers at New York Fashion Week.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour and new bff Blake Lively (of Gossip Girl fame) have been a regular fixture at the event. It's no surprise given the two warmed the seats of the front row for both the Chanel and Dior shows at Paris Fashion Week in July.

The two were spotted at Fashion's Night Out - aka a shopoholic's fantasy - where a cross-section of New York's boutiques, shops and department stores remain open until midnight.

Blake has shared the Fashion Week limelight with Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester, who shared her observations on the week with E! News.

"New York inspires fashion because you wear a crazy outfit and no one will look twice," Meester said. "My old roommate used to tell me that I dressed like a homeless person ... I can prove it with pictures."

We'll take your word for it, Leighton.

Stylist Rachel Zoe and Entourage actress Perrey Reeves have also been spotted at Fashion Week, as have Neil Patrick Harris and Ashlee Simpson. But it's celeb Milla Jovovich ( Resident Evil ) who has had the snitches in a tiz.

"Her face is so striking and she's the most beautiful girl, but in person she just had these alien-like, odd chaped huge hands," one of Milla's biggest fans told E! News.

"They really stood out, like she had to pay attention to them and carry them around separately. It was the oddest thing. The things you see back here."

Hmmm. Don't remember spotting those in Return to the Blue Lagoon.

It's not Milla's hands that have us talking - we're baffled by Ellen DeGeneres' catwalk debut during Richie Rich's A*Muse collection. The last time we saw Richie's California coiff was on the NZ Fashion Week runway alongside his (former?) muse, Pamela Anderson.

We all know Richie Rich is a fan of using celebrities to peddle his product - the question is: is Ellen a step up from Pam? Or a poor substitute? And what's going on with her hat? Is it a fascinator? Or did Richie Rich rip it off his Anne of Green Gables collector's edition doll?

Check out the Fashion Week home page for more shots from NY Fashion Week.

Love fashion goss?'s Stitch & Bitch bloggers will reveal the latest goss from NZ Fashion Week. We'll report on who makes the front row and what our celebs are wearing. We'll even keep an eye out for any Milla Jovovich-esque chapped hands.

Watch this space for more details...



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