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Spring trends

It's so exciting that we all have a fresh new season wardrobe to look forward to and here's a guide to what's hot and what you simply must have for spring 2009!

This spring the colour palette is all about softer, more muted flesh tones, neutrals and nudes, soft beiges, tans and creams with dusky pinks and apricots thrown in for good measure.

The trick with nude tones is for those with cooler skin tones to stick to creamy nudes while those of a warmer complexion should veer towards pinky nudes.

Of course, this softer more feminine palette needs to be modernised and toughened up and this is where the new season silhouette comes into play. Many designers are focussing on strong shoulders and sharp tailoring mixed with the subtle, nude palette of the season and softer, drapy, luxurious silk fabrics.

Extremely short mini-dresses with over-built shoulders and the perennial blazer and jeans combo are a must have!

This links in with the sporty luxe look that is huge this spring. Think of sexy, slouchy silk jumpsuits and playsuits, soft shorts, running style pants, easy to wear pleated pants, 'on the go' hoodies and soft cotton bodysuits. It is a look that is utilitarian but at the same time, super glam and luxurious and oh so wearable!! (NB: Always be sure to don a sky high heel when going for this look!)

This luxurious, decadent, bohemian resort wear theme leads us into another big trend for spring, Marrakech!

Think of Talitha Getty back in the day - a wild and untamed, free-spirited bohemian style of dressing but always glamorous and expensive looking. Key pieces are shimmering harem pants in luxuriant metallic fabrics and lots of statement costume jewellery with a rock 'n'roll twist!

Kate Moss always gets this look right everytime!

Goddess inspired dresses with a strong Grecian theme have been seen on many international runways and also on many red carpets this spring.  Often, featuring bejewelled necklines, Grecian inspired dresses are always made out of light, airy fabrics the attention is on the drapery. These types of dresses really come to life and look absolutely amazing when the wearer is moving (or should we say, gliding) along, Helen of Troy move over.

Designers have been experimenting with fabrics and folding techniques and another key trend is the geometric look. Here, the fabric becomes very 3-Dimensional, with boxy folds of fabric resulting in a very origami style look.

Pieces featuring cut-outs are another big trend for spring.  Clothes that feature peeping details at the back or on legs are little details that catch the eye and add instant sex appeal! For maximum impact it's best to choose one block colour for this look and be inspired by a sexy, Azzaline Alaia style body-con!

This cut-out look is very 80's inspired and this connects up with another huge trend, the 80's!

Many designers are getting divine inspiration from Dallas and Dynasty with the oh so famous and terribly OTT power dressing that Alexis Carrington would scratch your eyes out to procure.

The high 80's glamour look is also in again.  Think trashy, vaudeville Madonna circa "Like a Vigin"/ "Holiday" era with slutty, ripped denim, shredded lace and trailor park "chic".

Fashion can be completely bi-polar at times and the one other major look big this season is the opposite to the high-trash look.  Yes, you guessed right.  It's the girly girly, delicate dresses and microflorals. Using pretty liberty inspired fabrics, these sweet floral printed dresses and tops etc seriously need to be hardened up! To do this, just add some hardwear detail where you can, such as a studded belt or a pair of spiky, "tough girl" heels to balance out the look.

Also, thanks to the recession, designers turned to a bit of "depression chic" with a nod back to the depression era with deco inspired pretty dresses to show us that it's not all doom and gloom out there!

We hope you are thoroughly inspired now for the warmer months ahead.  What's stopping you?  Get shopping now and look your best this spring! 

Michiko Hughes - Head of wardrobe and make-up at TVNZ  



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