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Day 3


Nicole Miller and Matchi Motchi have everyone tweeting from the afternoon shows

NickVon_K "Wow, Matchi Motchi... it looks like Star Trek meets my kitchen sponges #nzfw"

isaaclikes "Gaga-esque spikes coming out of trouser crotches at Matchi Motchi #nzfw"

andhyfiji "Nicole Miller Show awesome xxxx"

NZFashionWk  "Ruffles. Appliqué. Glitter. Works! Nicole Miller"

Three days in and a few people are still getting their heads around the peculiarities of Fashion Week&

vaughndavis "The crowd's heads in the front row move like they do at tennis, but the balls are models. #nzfw"

cadetdory    "Okay, I know it's #nzfw, but I just saw a woman with half a couch on her head! Call me naive, but what??! xD I love fashion. #wtffashion"

While FrontRowTweet highlights the less fun side of Fashion Week - "The glamorous part of #nzfw cleaning the black scuffs off the white catwalk with turps ."

Everyone was buzzing about Nom*D's unique show this morning on Twitter

Pilot_Magazine: "BOOM. NomD was...intense performance art. W/kissing + Gentleman Death. Still processing it. Gr8 to see risks taken #NZFW"

Day 2


While we wait to here what our Stitch & Bitchers had to say, Twitter is raving about WORLD putting on the ritz at the Langham.

pattyhuntington    "standing ovation from the american delegation at world. well deserved #NZFW"

NZFashionWk    "Someone's gotta do it part three...afternoon tea in the great room at the Langham pre-WORLD"


You may know that we're celebrating 10 years of NZ Fashion Week but WORLD are also celebrating...

SweetpantsNZ    "Love a good 21st! very much lookin forward to the WORLD celebrations tonight @ the Langham, No yardies thou pls. now, what to wear? #NZFW"

Some fear the weather will get the better of NZFW

isaaclikes    "In the main tent - winds are gale force... We're all gonna die!! #nzfw"

Nicky from The Apprentice NZ  is enjoying the glamorous life at Fashion Week this morning

NickyPR  "A massage, makeover and glass of champagne at the #NZHerald Vanilla Ink room should be the way you start every day! #nzfw"

Ruby's early morning show went down a storm especially with the fabulous Derek and other VIP guests

derekfabulous  "OK #nzfw my favorite show so far is @ruby!!!!!! @jerico_Tracy from Harpers Bazaar loved it too!!!!!!"

The wild weather isn't dampening the spirits at Fashion Week

PaulBlomfield  At the Ruby show - ready to start on time. Unbelievable weather outside! A lot of very wet guests #NZFW

nzfashionweek  Fashion tip: Today is not a good day to wear a skirt #blowingagale #nzfw

And if the weather is keeping you at home, you can still indulge in all the shows with New Zealand Fashion Week Highlights OnDemand.

Day 1


We're extremely excited about this twitter rumour about Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick. If only it were true!  

Pilot_Magazine   "Apparently Chuck Bass will be at the Zambesi show tonight #NZFW"

Most random #NZFW tweet of the day so far

subwaynz    "So fashion week has kicked off. Any Subway followers doing anything particular fashionable to celebrate? #nzfw"

TotallyGaia  sums up Fashion Week in one tweet   "#nzfw in one tweet: big hair, photogs, WIND!, occassional rain, Red Bull, lanyards, cell phones, eyeliner, music, FASHION!"


One of Fashion Week VIP bloggers' thoughts on Fashion Week so far: 

GalaGonzalez  #nzfw its fricking INSAAANEEE!!!

Sera Lily wowed the crowds with a unique take on the catwalk show. Keep a look out for Style Blog's report.

beautygoss  "I guess you need real women to show her dresses off best. Curves! Boobs! Looks great Sera! #nzfw"

NZFashionWk  "Yet to be revealed models curtained on the centre of runway at Sera Lilly #nzfw  ...then this was revealed to applause at Sera Lilly.."


Blogger Isaac Likes is concerned for the models backstage  

 "By my count, 3 girls have fainted backstage thus far today. From what I hear, there's a lack of food being provided to the models #nzfw"

NZFashionWk  on Andrea Moore's show  "Andrea Moore still does a good dress+midthigh jacket #nzfw plus hot fuschia silk satin party dress just went by."

Designers are getting excited about their shows on Twitter

KWFootwear  "Show day! Can't believe it's finally here #nzfw"

CelineRita "Very excited for tonight!! x #nzfw"

Our One News reporter Kim Vinnell is capturing all the action

kimvinnell "Heading to the sera lilly show. Catch one news at 430 for all the latest #nzfw pics, and again at 6 for the full story"


NZFashionWk tweets on Juliette Hogan.
" Dots, bows, neat little waists...but far more sophisticated than girly from Juliette Hogan #nzfw"

Our very own TVNZ stylists, Michiko & Clifton will give us their verdict later in the day.

The flood of twit pics are coming in thick and fast. Stay tuned for our official fashion week videos and images.


Fashionistas were counting down to the first show from Starfish -

stylistsam_nz "Just been backstage with Laurie from starfish OMG! Show starting soon, super excited #nzfw"

TheLabel  "Starfish show started [ed] with karen elson track and gorgeous clothes!! #nzfw"

Check out our review of Starfish's show on our Stitch & Bitch blog here .

derekfabulous (Derek Warburton) tweeted about his Breakfast appearance

"First fashion show of day @starfish after outfit change and filming morning television wearing @vitanewyork!!!! Presenter loved my jewries!! "


It's still early and already there are dramas at New Zealand Fashion Week.  

This from designer PR guru Showroom22 -
"Day 1. The Prima Donna's have arrived at #NZFW already. "I won't sit row B!" OK, don't come then."

Meanwhile the Twitter buzz from NZFW seems to be crashing Twitter already according to Pilot_Magazine

"Oh, Wow. All the #NZFW tweets have overwhelmed Twitter's CPU. Following and Followers instant reset"


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