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NZ Fashion Week: Michael Pattison

Do you think Fashion Week is all about classy clothes and champagne? Think again.

Designer Michael Pattison is gearing up for Fashion Week out of his studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Edgy and irreverent, Pattison's designs are influenced by film and pop culture.  Previous collections include 'Yoko Homo Winter '08' and 'The Lady, The Clerk, Her Pimp & His Lover'.

But don't write this designer off as a cheeky larrikan - Pattison prides himself on his meticulous design, tailoring and careful choice of fabrics. 

We asked Michael about the lead-up to Fashion Week - little did we know it was all about egotistical designs, manic sewing bees and circus freaks....

Which design are you the most proud of?
All my designs are amazing and if I was to pick one it would develop a ridiculous inflated ego which would lead to drug abuse and a decadent, downward spiral resulting in overdose. I can't afford to lose another good piece before fashion week.

Tell us a bit about what's involved in the lead-up to Fashion Week.
Firstly there is the eternal battle to find suitable/available/interesting fabrics, followed by the daunting task of being super creative and forward thinking in a really short space of time.

This is followed by a mad and furious sewing bee producing either marvelous projections of one's inner genius or terrible failures resulting in momentary depression and loss of motivation. This process is repeated fortnightly for about two months at which stage you must shoot a look book of the whole collection what ever state it may be in.

Then you organise models, book appointments with ridiculously busy buyers, do seating plans, source accessories, answer questions for a thousand different forms of media and attempt to maintain a healthy balance of exercise, sleep and nutritious meals.

This comes at a time when retailers are screaming for summer stock despite the sad and miserable weather outside.

What should we watch out for during your collection at Fashion Week?

The midget, the ringmaster, the china doll, the depraved stilt walking creature and all their many weird and colourful friends.

Which designer are you looking forward to seeing at Fashion Week?
If I get a chance I'd like to see what Jaeha is up to and of course my dear colleague and friend Ana Steele.

Click here for the official Michael Pattison site will be at Air New Zealand Fashion Week, bringing you all the latest news, pictures and blogs from the Auckland Viaduct - September 16-21.