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Lucie Boshier: Frilly knickers and flirty models

You know you are never going to get a boring, ordinary Lucie Boshier show and boy did she deliver a jaw dropping performance on Wednesday.

After a day-and-a-half of moody covered up models, it was time to blow Fashion Week apart in Shed One.

Frilly knickers... check

Performing, flirty models... check

Drag... check

Unadulterated joy by the audience... well, depends on your point of view.

Either you love the over-the-top assault on the senses or you may feel it smacks of tackiness.

But what you can't claim was that it was dull.

The movie Cabaret was the main theme, with a drag queen, and I believe it was Beaver Brown from Caluzzi on Auckland's Karangahape Road, starting off proceedings, introducing his "girls".

Smiling, dancing models followed wearing shiny tights and corsets, pearl necklaces and showing plenty of flesh.

Bright patterns and flowing garments followed as the models gyrated on the catwalk, flirted with punters and threw fake money into the crowd.

At times it was difficult to concentrate on the clothing; such was the attention to the performance, but the slinkiness of the outfits and the unabashed sexuality of the lingerie were evident.

At the end after Boshier had received her applause, our drag host pulled a chair into the centre of the walkway, lit a cigarette and uttered what everyone was thinking: "What the f**k did you expect?"