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Interview: neverblack

A new addition to the New Zealand fashion scene, neverblack is a result of a collaboration between designers Jeremy Maclaurin (creative director), Martin Chapman (graphic designer) and Chelsea Thorpe (designer).

With an emphasis on unique fabrics and distinctive tailoring, neverblack creates clothing for men and women that is both attractive and affordable. ask Jeremy and Chelsea to reveal the most treasured items in their closets in this exclusive q and a.

Where are you based?

Jeremy: We work between Gisborne and Havelock North. I'm currently based in Havelock North, and Chelsea is in Gisborne.

Who or what inspires your design aesthetic/look?

Jeremy: This is a hard one. I work with Chelsea on this, we draw on thing from past and present, and certain things all around us.

Chelsea: I am inspired by many different things, films, artwork, places really anywhere or anything.

Fill in the gap: If I wasnt a fashion designer, I would be ...

Jeremy: An architect. I love architecture what can be done to have lasting pieces of works that can remain standing for hundreds of years.

Chelsea: I'm going to be a mum soon, does that count?

What's the most treasured item in your closet?

Chelsea: Boots... I have a few pairs that I relay on to get me through the year. I also have a few pieces of very old dresses that I love, very rarely wear but will never get rid off.

Jeremy: Would have to say a couple of winter coats at present, and a really great pair of boots by Kathryn Wilson.

This year NZ Fashion Week celebrates its 10th birthday. Where would you like to be 10 years from now?

Jeremy: 10 years from now I would like to see neverblack being a truly international brand stocked in many of the top fashion destinations around the world.

What's your fashion advice for Kiwi women?

Chelsea: Wear only what suits you or if that isn't your thing wear something that works with your personality and makes you feel good.

Jeremy: Wear what you are comfortable in and don't be afraid to experiment with clothing.

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