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Interview: Huffer

A staple on the New Zealand fashion scene, Huffer was created in 1997 by Steve Dunstan and Dan Buckley. The brand is now distributed in Japan, the USA, Australia and Europe.

We drilled Dan Buckley on life in the lead-up to Fashion Week...

Where are you based?

323 queen street, Auckland city.

Tell us about an average day in the lead up to Fashion Week.

Fine tune the range, shoot lookbook, and work on sales package, organise getting our international guests to New Zealand, organise invitations for all of our New Zealand customers/guests, site check, work on show concept, team up with all brands involved with us: Audi/Telecom/Westpac /Casio/ Infinitely Yours/ Area51/Northbeach and make sure everybody is happy, and involved. Hangin' out, chill, relaxing. And maxing.

Who would you like to see wearing your designs?

Happy people/relaxed people/people having fun/people pushing limits/lil wayne/god/justin souter/everyone in Pakistan/Chey Ataria /my mum/my dad /The Strokes/Yo Landi i$er and Ninja from Die Antwoord/Jimi Hendrix/Giselle/my cat, Barry.

What's the secret to your success?

Punching it ! and keeping "up".

Fill in the gap: If I wasn't a fashion designer, I would be ....

A puppeteer.

What can we expect from your collection?

A mega mash of high fusion and Hi! fashion.

NZFW celebrates new fashion talent. What are your tips for aspiring Kiwi designers?

Go for it.

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