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Baring his bones

It all started with a little bit of teenage angst - now, fifteen years later, jewellery designer Nick Von K stands proud and smiling, eager to show off the best of his teenage aspirations and influences.
"I was obsessed with Guns 'N' Roses, and these pieces are me finally being able to express that obsession," Von K told Stitch and Bitch, pointing to brazen bird claw cuffs, giant turquoise rings encased in silvery webs, and crystal pieces that seem to grow out of discarded bullet cases that scream old school rock 'n' roll.
Silver human skull pendants adorn a patterned deer skull sitting pretty on black velvet, intricate patterns showing an attention to detail that is all Von K. A greenstone miniature of an Egyptian cat no longer than the tip of your pencil and as skinny as a rose stem sits proudly on its silver throne, the whole pendant no bigger than your thumb. It's hard to conceive how such a minute piece of jewellery could be so detailed, but Von K says that what he loves most about his art.
"All of my jewellery is created by carvers in Bali who have been doing their work for years and years. I go to only the best carvers, the ones who can take on my ideas and turn them into a reality that get people staring and asking how it's all possible," said Von K.
It's the first time the Auckland-based designer has been able to show off his own creations at Fashion Week, having previously collaborated with other labels such as Riccochet, and says the response he's had on his first day has been great.
"People seem genuinely interested in my pieces and show a lot of enthusiasm, and it just inspires me to make more and keep doing the thing that I love doing," said Von K.
You can check out his collections for the rest of NZ Fashion Week and online at

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