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What do I do if I have a programming suggestion or an idea for a TV show?

Our programming and commissioning team love to hear suggestions from our viewers.  You can email your idea to our Viewer Correspondence email address and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate members of our content team.

How can I make a suggestion about the programming schedule?

Our programming and commissioning team love to hear suggestions from our viewers.  You can email your suggestion to us and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate members of our content team.

My favourite show has disappeared – how do I find out where it’s gone?

Sometimes it’s necessary for us to reschedule or remove shows in our channel line-up.  Occasionally this is due to circumstances outside of our control, like a hiatus or cancellation in the show’s country of origin.  In other cases it may be simply because that show is not performing well enough to remain in its present timeslot (no matter how much some of us may love it!). 

Is there a way to receive email or text alerts about return dates or changes for my favourite shows?

We are currently looking into making it possible for you to sign up to receive alerts when a show is moved, cancelled, or about to return. We hope this service will be available in the next 12 months.  Please note that we generally do not announce a show’s specific return date more than two weeks in advance.

Why do some shows always run past their advertised finish time?

There are any number of technical reasons why a show might run fractionally passed its advertised finish time.  In the case of internationally sourced content, we find that different countries often provide shows of different durations and in order to avoid unnecessarily editing the show we may choose to run slightly over the finish time.

How come you only play the “next week teaser” for some shows and not others?  I like to know what I have to look forward to in the next episode.

While we would love to promote what’s coming up on every show, we simply don’t have the resource to do so.  This means that we focus our time on creating next week teasers for prime time shows only (shows between 6pm and 10pm).

I have a query about a news show.

Go to this section to see FAQs for ONE News.


I’ve heard you’ve reduced the volume of the ads.  What does that actually mean and why do some of them still seem so loud?

We want our viewers to have an enjoyable viewing experience, so TVNZ has worked with other New Zealand broadcasters to implement an industry standard for advertising volumes. This was implemented across TVNZ channels on 25 November 2012, and across all remaining Broadcasters from 1 Jan 2013.  This means all broadcasters will now only accept commercials that meet the new loudness specifications and as a result you should notice that the loudness levels are more consistent.  It’s important to note that while the new specifications restrict the overall loudness level to a consistent standard of -24dB, modulation of volume within the ad itself will still occur such that you can tell the difference between a whisper and a yell in a commercial.  It is also important to note that the difference between the audio at the end of a programme part (a whisper or silent moment for example) and the beginning of a commercial (perhaps a sound effect or sudden announcement) may be substantially different and this may affect your perception of the volume of the ad. 

Why does TVNZ play so many ad breaks in its shows?

Many of the shows that air on TVNZ’s channels are sourced from international distributors who deliver the show divided into “parts”.  Typically a “1-hour drama” from the US will be divided into 5 or 6 parts for example, and this dictates the number of ad breaks that we insert into the show.  In some cases we are able to modify this and “close up” some breaks, in other cases we choose not to do this in order to maintain the integrity of the show as it was intended to air.  Similarly we tend to break up our locally commissioned shows into a standard number of parts for consistency.


What access services does TVNZ provide?
For information on TVNZ’s access services, go here.

I have an audio commentary playing over the top of my shows.  How do I stop this?

Audio descriptions (a recorded audio commentary) and visual captions are optional for the viewer, and can be turned on and off.  How they are turned on and off depends on how you receive your TV.  It may be that you have Sky HD for example; Captions are now available on TV ONE and TV2 on the MY SKY HDi platform. Previously they weren't available because SKY didn't have the capability to broadcast HD captions (also known as DVB subtitles).  You may have had them set to 'on', but they won't have worked till recently. To turn off captions you need to find the 'closed captions' option in your set-up menu and set it to 'off'.  If you do not have My Sky HDI, please consult your TV manual to see whether you may have inadvertently turned on captioning or audio descriptions.

Making a Formal Complaint

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