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Where can I find corporate information for TVNZ?
For information on our channels, our executive, our board, our history, and our community initiatives (including sponsorship and the TVNZ Community Support Foundation), click here and use the drop-down menus on the right hand side.

Where can I find media releases and other publications?
Head here. You can see media releases and other publications in the drop-down menus on the right hand side.

Do you have listings of jobs at TVNZ?
Yes. Click here to find out about working at TVNZ, and click here to see a list of the current vacancies for roles here.

Where can I find out about commissioning programmes?
There is information on commissioning here.

How do I make a complaint?
You can make a formal complaint here.

Where is your information on Licensing?
If you are looking for information on Footage Licensing (both for commercial and personal use) -  click here 

For Programme Sales (business to business enquiries) - click here 

For DVD ( To purchase DVDs online and Browse our DVD Catalogue ) - click here 

For Educational ( To view available titles and purchase online ) - click here 

What access services does TVNZ provide?
For information on TVNZ’s access services, go here.


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