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Registering with TVNZ OnDemand

Why do I need to register to watch TVNZ OnDemand?

We're changing TVNZ OnDemand to make it work better. There's a few reasons why we've needed to make registration (and login) compulsory. These changes are coming really soon, so it's worth registering now so you don't have to do it later. Plus, you'll go into the prize draw to win a trip to LA!

The changes will help make the site work better and give you a more personal experience. Like creating a watchlist and setting up your favourite shows so there right there and ready for you when you log in and enabling our shiny new "pick up and play" feature.

If you're confused about something or want more information, we've put some FAQs together below. If your question isn't answered here, send us a note using our Contact Form and we'll do our best to answer it and add it to this list.

To register and enter the competition, visit

How come logging into TVNZ OnDemand will be compulsory, when isn't now?

I haven't received an email to verify my email address

I'm not able to verify my email address when I click on the link in my inbox

I am having trouble registering using Internet Explorer

I have registered on my mobile or tablet and now I can't watch video and am receiving the message "HTM5 is not supported"

I haven't registered for TVNZ OnDemand. Why have I received an email from you asking me to verify my email address?

I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Can I update my email address?

Why do I need to verify my email address?

Are you going to send me spam?

I've registered for TVNZ OnDemand so what happens now?

Why does TVNZ need my personal info?

So what personal information do I need to give you when I sign up?

Why are you asking for these particular details?

How does giving you my details benefit me?

I can get all the overseas content via alternative methods. Why should I register now?

Who sees my information? Do you share it with anyone?

Is my information safe?

What does 'third party behavioural advertising' mean?

What if I'm not over 18?

Do you sell my personal info to anyone?

Are your House Rules only for TVNZ OnDemand?

Will you let me know if your House Rules change?


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