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Fair Go: Wednesday March 21

Published: 5:27PM Wednesday March 21, 2012 Source: Fair Go

Moved to tears
Pete Cronshaw

This story turned out to be a moving one, literally.  It included some epic rows on the phone and one in person as you'll see.
It's about a house mover, who's been on Fair Go before, who took the money and delivered nothing but grief.

Electric invention
Libby Middlebrook

A young electrician by the name of Josh Collins contacted Fair Go, after pitching his idea for a new tool to a Hamilton distributor.

The company initially loved his invention, but then withdrew its interest.

Around seven months later, just as Josh was starting to sell his product to the market, the distributor started selling an almost identical product to his.

The company has now agreed to permanently pull their product off the market.

How many whitebait
Hannah Wallis

A viewer asked us how many whitebait should be in a whitebait patty or fritter - and for that matter, how much meat in a pie and fresh fruit in orange juice - Fair Go finds out.

A couple of Christchurch whitebait fans asked Fair Go to try and find out how many whitebait should be in a store-bought patty (South Island) or fritter (North Island). We looked for the answer amongst whitebaiters on the Waimakarere River and at a fish shop in the Hutt Valley. We checked out what the law said and we even set our own whitebait fritter challenge - find the answers plus which of the Fair Go team scored the best fritter.

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