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Fair Go: Wednesday March 19

Published: 10:11AM Monday March 17, 2014 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Libby Middlebrook
A cautionary tale about buying pedigree dogs

This week we talk to a couple who paid big money for what they thought was a pedigree dog. We also talk to the New Zealand Kennel Club, and get some advice on how to protect yourself if you're spending big money on a pure bred animal.

Reporter Garth Bray (Twittter @GarthBray)

Car crash costs don't always end when someone says sorry

If someone ploughs into your car, and says sorry and their insurance fixes the damage, you might still be left out of pocket.
Is the insurance company playing fair or "nickeling and diming" as one expert labels the behaviour?
Watch why you shouldn't rush to settle your claim if you're not at fault.

* We've had a call about our story – if you've seen it you'll know it features a company called Echelon – that’s Echelon NZ, which manages claims for a bigger company and ultimately for the insurer in this story, Lumley. The call was from a financial advice firm that happens to share a similar name - Echelon Advisers -  but has nothing to do with this wrangle. Now we'd never heard of the firm, but we'd hate anyone to get the two mixed up. Both outfits are in the financial service game -  albeit offering different kinds of services to different people. We thought it was best to make that clear here in case anyone gets the wrong idea.

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt
Buying a car can be a messy business - let us help you avoid the mess

I'm no car expert, but I have become an expert in what can go wrong when you buy a car.
This year we've got a new series called 'In the Know' so I've pulled together some of the tips I've learnt:
- are you buying from a trader? How do you know?
- get a vehicle history report, even if you're buying from your mum
- get a PRE-purchase inspection; it amazes how many people tell us they didn't get it checked till after they'd paid the money
- shop around for the best finance deal.  Don't just take the dealer's offer
- be very wary of so-called "tenders". You won't be covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act
- don't sign the box on the purchase agreement that says you're buying for your business (unless you are, of course!); business purchases aren't covered by the CGA
- and make sure the dealer gives you the CIN, the Consumer Information Notice. It must be accurate and you must get a copy

reporter Hannah Wallis
The 35 cent bill that kept coming 

Shirley Radford cancelled her Amex card about a year ago but kept getting monthly statements for just - 35 cents.
Fair Go came to her aid.


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