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Fair Go: Wednesday, April 4

Published: 10:56AM Thursday April 05, 2012 Source: Fair Go

Pressure over potholes
Reporter: Ali Mau

Last August the property management company told Fair Go the carpark would be re-surfaced by the end of summer. Summer's come and gone, and nothing bar some regular patching, has been done.

Tonight we get a commitment from the management company that work will start in the next couple of weeks - we'll be keeping a close eye on it!

Where's my car Mum?
Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

Robyn was just about to sit a big exam when the repo man came to take her car - not good timing.

She'd bought her car from her mum, so what on earth could be happening?

And the car was special, because Mum had since passed away.

It turns out there was a debt, a security interest, against the car from a previous owner, three owners back down the chain.

When a car is sold, the debt stays with the car. That old debt had gone sour, and the repo man came to collect.

So, can Fair Go get Robyn's car back?

Roger and Me
Reporter: Phil Vine

Elton John fans may seem placid, but don't get them riled. One hundred and ninety Cantabrians booked for a special train journey to the Elton John concert in Dunedin.

The promoter Roger Sutherland turned up with a fleet of buses. There was quite a bit of anger. At Oamaru the police had to be called. Fair Go learnt that Kiwirail had told Mr Sutherland in July - four months before - that there were no trains available for charter that day.

We understand that he kept on selling tickets. Mr Sutherland told us there would be refunds in two weeks but a fortnight on, no sign.

Reporter: Libby Middlebrook

A few weeks ago we featured a story about Auckland car dealer John Murphy and some of his unhappy customers.

One of those was Flossy, a tattoo artist who purchased a $20,000 Jaguar through Murphy's his car yard, Paris Motors (now trading as Amden Motors in Greenlane).

Flossy's car has had ongoing problems, which she could not afford to fix.

A group of car enthusiasts saw our story, and decided to fix up the jag for free, stumping up for around $7000 in repair costs.

Those companies are: Ken Stout Motors, Transmax, the Auckland Jaguar Drivers' Club and Causeway Panelbeaters.

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