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A tribute to Kevin Milne

Published: 5:36PM Wednesday October 13, 2010 Source: Fair Go

During three decades on Fair Go, Kevin has helped out some wonderful people, and confronted some extraordinary characters.

Tonight it's his last regular Fair Go episode, though he will be back for the annual Ad Awards next week.

We've gone back through the archives to bring you some of the many, many memorable Kev moments, and we hear from some of his closest colleagues over the years - including Brian Edwards, Philip Alpers, and Kev's former "on screen wife", Anna Thomas.

You'll see some of Kev's finest moments:

The $100,000 payout, live on air, to widow Maria te Whiu in 1993. She'd lost her husband, but the insurance company wouldn't pay out till Kev got on the case (1993)

The death bed confession and cheque from the agent who hadn't paid kids he'd hired (2007)

The case of the missing hokey pokey (1985)

A story that changed the way you eat ice cream cones - Kev campaigns for dairies to use tissues when they handle cones (1995)

The boundary that cuts right through a house. Kev paints a line over the house, but unfortunately the paint wouldn't come off! (1985)

Kev simulates a fierce storm in a wind tunnel

And you'll also see some of the mad, bad or sad characters Kev has chased over the years:

Rev Kawana Morehu appeared three times in the 90s, peddling property schemes, and providing some extraordinary confrontations with Kevin

"Charity" telemarketer Shaune Malloch accused Kevin of assaulting him during a quite bizarre confrontation, during which he followed Kevin out of a building and a long way down the road

Sparks fly in the studio when Kevin interviews "advocate" Dermot Nottingham

Concrete contractor Heneli Saafi (AKA Henry Finau) whom Fair Go pursued for years - all the way to Tonga.

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