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The end of the holiday: Part 2

Published: 5:08PM Wednesday February 25, 2009 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Phil Vine

Last week we confronted Leisuretime Motorhomes in Auckland to see if we could get thousands of dollars back.

The complainants are a family whose dad died suddenly just before they were due to go on a campervan holiday.

The law ( Frustrated Contracts Act) says that the family has a right to a full refund of the money they'd paid, minus the company's justifiable expenses. Owner James Leo has kept $3200 of their money, claiming expenses of depreciation, cleaning, relocation and advertising. The family didn't even see, let alone set foot in the motorhome.

Mr Leo told reporter Phil Vine that he shouldn't come to him "asking stupid questions." Mr Leo agreed though to abide by the findings of an independent accountant.

That report's out. It says most of his expenses aren't applicable. Mr Leo comes into the studio to make his case.

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