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Screwed-up diamond

Published: 5:00PM Wednesday July 07, 2010 Source: Fair Go

Reporter - Libby Middlebrook

Peter Hamilton's been buying his wife Barbara jewellery for years, marking all the big occasions in their lives.  So when the time came to celebrate Barbara's 69th birthday, Peter decided to buy her first diamonds.  He ordered a diamond necklace on-line from The Warehouse, and selected a pair of earrings to match.

Now, Barbara doesn't have pierced ears. She never could quite stomach the idea of it.
So Peter made sure he shopped for the old fashioned kind - earrings with screws that lock them into place a bit like a clamp.  But when the earrings arrived in the post, Peter was dismayed to find he'd bought Barbara the wrong thing.

The earrings, described on-line as "screwback studs", were designed for pierced ears, with unusual butterflies that screwed into place. But despite the earrings never having been out of the box, The Warehouse refused to give the Hamiltons a credit or exchange card, citing health and safety reasons.

We got in touch with The Warehouse on the Hamilton's behalf. The company has apologised for refusing to exchange Barbara's earrings.  They've come up with a new pair of screw-back hinge-style earrings for Barbara, featuring an upsized diamond - something she's very happy about.


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