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Fair Go School Ad Awards

Published: 8:18PM Wednesday October 26, 2011 Source: Fair Go

The winners of the Fair Go School Ad Awards have been announced.

Primary schools were challenged to come up with an idea to sell cheese, while secondary schools were challenged to make an ad for a fantasy phone App.

The results are:

Winner - Henderson Primary School - SMILEY CHEESE
Runner up - Newmarket Primary School - CHEESE TREE
Highly Commended - Renwick School - CHEESE WILL ROCK YOU -

Winner - Rangitoto College - PORT
Runner up - Lytton High School - CHILLIBIN
Highly Commended - Hutt International Boys School  - FRIEND APP

The Fair Go team had some other School Ads that they thought worthy of a mention - here they are:

Gordon Harcourt,  Reina Webster-Iti (Producer) and Steve Lawton (Fair Go Cameraman)


Obviously we were going to get a lot of cheesy gags with the topic we gave, and this one made me laugh.

The sound quality isn't great, but it's got terrific pace and good performances - I especially like the deadpan chorus of kids sitting on the steps:  "We feel more energetic and our bones are much stronger!".

And it's funny (if unfortunate!) that one of them has an arm in a sling. Cheese will save you, go Cheeseboy!

Ruwani Perera

What I really loved about this ad was the friendly Franco-New Zealand relations, putting NZ on the top of the cheese-making nations.

The French accents, mice costumes and giant cheese wheel were also well done, but what stood out for me and made me laugh out loud was the "squeak, squeak"! Nice one

Hannah Wallis

This was a very popular ad with all the Fair Go team mostly because of the novel idea of a cat being milked.

Other highlights were the catchy start and finish lines - "It's what you put into the cheese that makes all the difference" and "kitty Kati cheese is the purrr fect cheese".

Lots of strong visual ideas - milking the cat, sand and rats going into the bucket, those tricky to get animal shots with sparrows and sheep.

Patience required. Creative location shots and only one - quite hard to pick - jump cut. Good use of both CloseUp shots and wide shots - almost sequences. 

And finally, excellent relaxed cat.

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