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Pink Problem

Published: 5:49PM Wednesday June 09, 2010 Source: Fair Go

She's frustrated and fed up with the lack of colour variety in clothes for her age group.  This is her letter to us:

"Girls do NOT only like pink and purple on their tops and pj's.  They also do NOT all like tight jeans.  Even though I'm a girl I DON'T like those things especially pink and purple clothes.
I would like to see more variety.  Normal clothes like plain black t-shirts and baggy jeans!  Less frills or clothes that make me look too old either.  Please when designing clothes can you cater for all.  My Mum won't buy clothes from the boy's section for me and I can't find any decent things in the girl's section.  Means there isn't much chance of me finding clothes at all.
My Mum and Dad agree with what I have said.  Both say it's quite frustrating."

Store buyers are the people responsible for what stock lines are carried - and what colours and styles they come in.

Farmers childrenswear buyer, Eula Wood, says that pink is their number one best selling colour.  There are a variety of factors that drive their buying behaviour.  They start with what's sold well previously - customers letting them know what they like through what they choose to buy. They also look at overseas trends and then they put a NZ spin on it because every market has their own particular nuances and things that work for them.

Farmers have already made their selection for the summer stock they will carry this year.  The bad news for Shannon is that Farmers promise an extremely feminine summer - frills were huge overseas and the other trend that's massive is lace.  They will stock plain garments but there will be lots and lots of very pretty, very feminine styles and there will still be lots of pink. So sorry about that Shannon!

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