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Overdue (wedding) video

Published: 8:12PM Wednesday October 28, 2009 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Kevin Milne

A couple are still waiting on getting their wedding video - 8 months after getting hitched.

Emma and Tom Bialaruski got married back in February this year but still haven't got their wedding video. It's particularly important for Tom who hails from Poland. Most of his family couldn't share the big occasion in Wellington.

The videographer was Zakk Stonn, aka Zakk Rokkanno, of Maximum Impact in Palmerston North.

Initially, the video should have been ready in 6 weeks. But according to Zakk, personal setbacks and a collapse of his editing system caused major delays.

What made Emma and Tom angry was that Zakk stopped responding to their messages, emails and letters of concern. In the end, they thought that the video was lost. They only had a PO Box number for Zakk. That's when they contacted Fair Go.

We also couldn't get any response to the cell and landline messages we left for Zakk. But through contacts in the video industry we were able to get someone to tell him to ring us. We also got his address...on the outskirts of Palmerston North.

We arranged to visit Zakk and found him working in a room out the back of his mother's house. He apologised saying his editing system had collapsed and that our couple were only one in four who were affected. He also accepted that he had largely lost contact with Emma and Tom. But he now had a new system and would complete their wedding coverage in three weeks time.

We noted that he was filming us as we filmed him. He called it his "Lost in Life" coverage - filming all aspects of his life.

Our advice is to be careful you don't get "too good" a quote for a wedding video. $1500 was suspiciously low for a multi-camera wedding video. Turned out he'd never done one before on the system he was using.

We urge great caution in your dealings with Zakk and Maximum Impact.

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