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Fair Go: One out of the box

Published: 9:39PM Wednesday June 24, 2009 Source: Fair Go

Reporters: Phil Vine, Hannah Wallis, Ruwani Perera

Phil, Hannah and Ruwani grapple with your complaints with the latest packaging. Seems manufacturers are trying to save money and the environment by reducing their plastic, but their agressive choice of glue is causing spillages on kitchen floors all over the country.

In the past 6-8 weeks Sanitarium have made changes to the Ricies and Skippy Corn Flake packets - some of their most popular breakast cereal brands. They've ditched the plastic zip-lock bags in favour of new packets that are to be resealed by a reusable sticker.

Sanitarium say it's a move towards being more environmentally-friendly - saving 12 tonnes of plastic a year by switching to the new packaging.

They are looking into the adhesive for the re-useable stickers to make sure these last the distance with consumers.

Viewers have also been writing in telling us it's near impossible to get into the plastic packaging that electric toothbrushes come wrapped in.

Some have described it as "thermo-nuclear proof plastic".

Oral B distributors, Proctor and Gamble say the packaging is difficult to open because clam-shell casing is used to prevent in-store theft. Minimising theft ensures that the associated expenses do not need to be passed on and ultimately reduces the cost to consumers.

While theft prevention packaging is not ideal, it ultimately enables reduced costs for consumers.

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