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Fair Go: October 27

Published: 11:12AM Monday October 27, 2014 Source: Fair Go

  • Fair Go presenters Gordon Harcourt, Pippa Wetzell.

Online bookings

An online promise broken. A big hotel that claims it isn't actually a hotel. A man robbed of his dignity.

Fair Go fights for one passionate All Blacks fan and the thousands who might share his fate.

Reporter Garth Bray

Master built? Yeah right

We say Master Builders should not run their own guarantee product.

The Kizilays of Hawke's Bay should have been in their new home as much as a year ago. Instead they're living in two Portacoms, fighting their builder and Master Build Services over their Master Build guarantee.

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

Driving Test Tips

Around half of those who sit their practical driving test fail first time round. Fair Go asks the AA - which runs 80% of the tests - what makes people fail and how can they increase their chances of getting through.

Reporter Hannah Wallis



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