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Fair Go: May 27

Published: 3:19PM Wednesday May 27, 2015 Source: Fair Go

  • Gordon Harcourt and Pippa Wetzell on Fair Go. (Source: Fair Go)
    Gordon Harcourt and Pippa Wetzell on Fair Go. - Source: Fair Go

Is that sale really "half price"?; credit and debit card holds; and blood pressure monitors.

Is that sale really "half price"?
Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

Have you ever wondered if that 50% discount is legit?
We challenge three retailers to show us the money, and reveal one is being investigated.

Credit and debit card holds
Reporter Garth Bray

Should $40 worth of petrol cost you $150? It might if you don't pay cash. We unravel the mysteries of card holds.

Blood pressure monitors
Reporter Mary-Jane Aggett

Fair Go gives at-home BP monitors a go somewhere that'll really get the heart racing - a shark dive at Kelly Tarltons.

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