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Fair Go: May 21

Published: 12:11PM Monday May 19, 2014 Source: Fair Go

  • Fair Go presenters Gordon Harcourt, Pippa Wetzell.

Whose side is CB on?

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

Building trade outfits are there for members, not consumers

If you're thinking of building, choosing a builder can be a huge decision, so you look for reassurance.  You might look for a member of a trusted trade group, like Certified Builders.  The TV ad says "it's your sign of quality".

But if the proverbial hits the fan, whose side is Certified really on?

Canterbury homeowner Stephanie Davidson's building project turned truly ugly.  She says CB was on her builder's side, not hers.



Reporter GARTH BRAY (@garthbray)

Guy Silcock is behind bars. Who put him there?

A league of extraordinary backyard battlers, a cop that just won't quit and a series of Fair Go stories all came together to ensure one fraudster would no longer be a blot on the Auckland landscape garden scene.


Supermarket Etiquette

Reporter: Pippa Wetzell

We spend a lot of time at the supermarket but how good are our manners in the aisles?

Is it okay to break apart a bunch of bananas? What about rifling through the pick and mix or sampling food at the deli?  We take comedian and foodie Jesse Mulligan for a stroll through the supermarket aisles and test our supermarket etiquette.

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