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Fair Go Kids Ad Awards 2015 - deadline midnight Wednesday

Published: 9:49AM Wednesday July 15, 2015 Source: Fair Go

*Entries for the 2015 Fair Go Kids Ad Awards close on Wednesday, September 23 at midnight.*
Read on to see the fantastic  range of prizes on offer and how to enter.

PRIZES - Primary or Intermediate and Secondary
1st Place
$2000 cash
$7000 worth of SMART equipment, software and installation
Canon will work with the winners to determine the best SMART equipment or software for the classroom
2 Canon EOS 100D with EF-S 18-55 IS STM Lens (worth $1798)
PIXMA MG7560 White Printer (worth $269)
2 Camera Bags , two 4GB SD Cards and two Canon Lens Cloths
Canon Paper Pack (two Photo Paper Glossy A4 20 sheets, two Photo Paper Glossy 4x6 20 sheets)
2nd Place
Canon LEGRIA HFR606 Digital Video Camera
$500 cash
3rd Place
Canon LEGRIA HFR606 Digital Video Camera

The finalists will be screened on the Fair Go Ad Awards in November. Finalists will be notified before broadcast.

Again year you need to submit your video to us online. Scroll down for more details. Please don't post your ads into us.
Deadline for uploading entries to us: midnight, Wednesday 23rd September 2015.

There are two ways to send your video to us:
* Either upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link in the entry form below. We suggest you make the video "unlisted" and turn off comments
* Or you can upload your file (under 100MB) using the form below
You don't need to send a full resolution video for the judges (we'll get in touch with you if we need that) but make sure it's good enough quality for us to appreciate your hard work.

Key Guidelines
You must be able to sell us this in 30 seconds.
Your ad will be primarily judged on concept, creativity and appeal to the audience. 
A strong, simple idea will often win over technical brilliance. 
Your ad must feature an animal. (See foot of the page for welfare tips.)

The Requirements
1. One 30-second video which will be entered online
2. You will also be judged on your picture and sound quality
We've been concerned about the poor sound quality in the entries coming through to us over the past couple of years - we'll be paying special attention to this so spend some time getting this right.
3. A summary outlining how you developed your ad, from idea generation to production
4. Ads may be in English or Te Reo Maori

For further information contact Fair Go at


Animal Training Tips
Animal Welfare - always treat your animals well, never put and animal in a situation they're not comfortable in
Use a clicker to train - these shape behaviour 10x quicker than other training methods such as food rewards
Choose the right animal - dogs are the easiest to train
Don't have multiple trainers - one is best to avoid mixed messages with your animal
Low distraction - quiet situations are best for training
Barking on cue - to get your dog to bark the trainer needs to do an action that excites them
Talking to your dog during training- don't talk to them like you're having a chat, keep it a simple crisp command
Patience is a big thing - happy, calm and relaxed will get the best results, animals pick up on body language of their trainers
Cats will work best in their own environment - keep the room quiet and do simple tasks
Food rewards - cats don't have the food drive of dog which means you can't work them for as long
Reducing a cat's diet on the morning of training will help make the food drive stronger, they have small stomachs so softer food which doesn't expand will be best
When a cat is getting bothered they'll start to flick their tail - then it's time for a break
Food rewards need to be something your animal loves, make sure you research foods first before giving them anything they're not used to - some foods can be hazardous to certain animals
Teach things that are more natural for the specific animal - i.e. teach a bird to touch its beak with its foot

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