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Fair Go: June 3

Published: 3:03PM Wednesday June 03, 2015 Source: Fair Go

Beryl's Insurance

Reporter Hannah Wallis

Beryl White took out funeral insurance 18 years ago and at 94, though she's already paid $5400 for it, the payout will only ever be $2188. Her family want out of the policy and want viewers to be careful when taking out funeral insurance.

Credit Cards - how to avoid a debt-trap!

Reporter: Brodie Kane

We look at some useful tips when shopping around for a credit card, and how to prevent yourself getting caught out.

Compost Catch-up

Reporter Hannah Wallis

Fair Go goes undercover to see how compost and potting mix is labelled and sold, as part of our five-year public awareness campaign about compost-borne legionnaires disease.

The Average Wage Challenge

Reporter: Mark Crysell

Many of you have wondered how financial personal trainer Hannah McQueen would go if she had to work with those earning an average wage - well Rachel Sloan and Richie Olsen of Waikouaiti, East Otago want to be mortgage free.

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