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Fair Go: June 26

Published: 2:22PM Wednesday June 26, 2013

Quakes blamed for faulty product
Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

Monier roof tiles have an exceptional guarantee - 50 years.
That's why Grant Miller chose them for his house at Tai Tapu, just south of Christchurch.
That's why Lisa Tennekoon was happy to buy a house at West Melton, west of the city, though there were already tile problems.
When they contacted Monier about cracks in their tiles, Monier didn't come to the party.
They delayed. They didn't respond to legal letters. They didn't meet deadlines.
Worst of all, Lisa and Grant both say Monier representatives blamed the cracks on earthquake damage.
We don't think that's true.
Lisa and Grant's roofer says it's NOT earthquake damage.
Lisa's builder says it's product failure.
An independent report commissioned by Monier says Grant's tiles have "stress fractures".
Grant says it's "despicable" for Monier to use the quakes as an excuse, and it just won't fly in Canterbury. Lisa says it's "terrible".
We contacted Monier, actually CSR Building Products NZ Ltd, part of a very large Australian company, CSR.
Finally, they acted quickly.
The boss fronts up on Fair Go, accepts they got it wrong, and apologises. He's fixing Grant and Lisa's problems.
But how many more dodgy Monier tiles are out there?
If you're concerned, Monier says contact whoever supplied the tiles - your installer or Monier directly.
Call 0800 MONIER (0800 666 437) or go to the contacts page on Monier's website

Loyalty cards
Reporter: Amy Kelley

It's hard to say 'no' when given the chance to sign up to a loyalty card. Who doesn't love getting something for free?
But do we give enough thought to how long - or how much money - it's going to take to earn rewards?
Dave Tudor-Cole of New Plymouth did. When Countdown started promoting its new Onecard Visa, he noticed it had an annual fee of $65 - and did the math on how much he'd have to spend to earn enough rewards dollars to 'break even' on that.
Turned out it would take $8,000 of spending - or $4,000 at Countdown, where the card earns you double points.
Dave felt that was 'over the top', telling Fair Go "it would take me well over two years!"
Countdown says its Onecard Visa is good value, especially for larger households.
It points out that an average family of four that puts every single expense on the visa would "break even" on the card's annual fee within 3 months... and earn another $370 off their groceries during the rest of the year.

Reporter: Libby Middlebrook

When Lynda Murdoch's son announced he was getting married, she knew she wanted to purchase something special for the event.
She'd had breast cancer and reconstruction, and decided to splash out on a made-to-measure outfit for the event, costing $5900.
But her Adrienne Wilkelmann dress split, as she was on her way to the ceremony.
Adrienne apologised and fixed the dress, but Lynda was not happy with the compensation she offered - a $500 donation to charity.
Adrienne says Lynda told her she tripped in the dress, causing the seam to fail under unusual pressure - something Lynda denies.
It was also unclear what Lynda wanted by way of compensation, until after the donation had been made.
She has now agreed to refund Lynda in full, and invited Lynda to donate her outfit to be auctioned at a charity event.

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