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Fair Go: July 3

Published: 4:27PM Wednesday July 03, 2013

Mark Crysell
So how do you know that a house you want to buy hasn't been contaminated by methamphetamine. Police have busted 2000 P labs over the past 13 years but most go undetected. Mile Stratford of Meth Solutions shows us what to look for and more importantly what questions to ask. 

P House
Mark Crysell
Back in April newlyweds Al and Nerissa bought a new home. They wanted to have a baby and found the perfect family home out in West Auckland.

However as they settled in for their first night Nerissa noticed a strong chemical smell. Cleaning the house didn't help so they had it tested and it was a nasty shock.

High levels of Methamphetamine in some parts of the house - 23 times over the Department of Health's levels for decontamination.

Nerissa had just discovered she was pregnant and the couple had to move out immediately. They have now spent more than $30,000 decontaminating and replacing chattels.

So who knew what and who's to blame here? The Real Estate agent? The former owners? Al and Nerissa for not getting a methamphetamine test before they bought?  

Real Estate Agents' Code
Hannah Wallis
As of April this year Real Estate agents had a new set of rules - a Code of Conduct - devised and supervised by the Real Estate Agents Authority - REAA , an independent disciplinary and educational body.

These rules govern things like what an agent has to disclose to a prospective buyer, and breaching them can cost an agent thousands of dollars in fines, even a permanent loss of licence. 

Find out more on the REAA website using an agent to buy and sell your property, how to make a complaint, and how to check if a salesperson is actually licenced and whether they have had any complaints upheld.
The Authority is also keen to hear from anyone concerned about any particular agent or queries about buying and selling property.  Call the REAA on 0800 for reaa (0800 367 7322).

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