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Hannah Wallis

Published: 3:02PM Wednesday January 21, 2004

Hannah Wallis has been part of the Fair Go team for four years.

Previously, she worked in a variety of television productions, including current affairs such as Holmes and 60 Minutes.

She has also worked on documentaries and lifestyle programmes like Holiday and Medical File.

Hannah started her television career with Country Calendar and the children's news programme Video Dispatch.

On Fair Go, Hannah feels she has found her niche and says she likes Fair Go's combination of going into bat for the underdog, scam busting, and humour.

It's television you can use, she says.

Off Fair Go, Hannah enjoys reading - she belongs to a "fairly mad" bookclub - going to movies and listening to music (currently a bit of Rai and Cuban), and - when time allows- gardening and home DIY.

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