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Fair Go: Tournament parking

Published: 3:39PM Wednesday April 01, 2009

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

We've had plenty of Tournament Parking complaints in recent years, but these two really take the cake.
Joe Gillingham used to park with Tournament Parking in Auckland's Viaduct Basin, till they bumped up the price.  He went down the road to another outfit which was offering a six month fixed price deal, with the first month free.
But on the very day he moved, Tournament bought this new outfit, and then whacked the price up on him again. 
Not fair, said Joe, that's breaking my contract!  Tournament didn't agree.  Two years later, they're still chasing him for $120.

In Wellington, Kanthara Oum cancelled her Tournament contract because getting the bus was cheaper.  She had to give a month's notice, and she did.  But Tournament stuffed up, didn't process her cancellation, and then wrongly took $192 from her account.  They also didn't refund her $100 bond for her access card.

Kanthara pointed this out straight away, but Tournament completely ignored her. Five months later, they still had $292 of her money.
Fair Go's many dealings with Tournament have been frustrating, so this time we marched into their office and asked to see the boss.  He agreed, but will he front up on Fair Go?  And will Tournament admit they screwed up?

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