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Bottled update

Published: 6:05PM Wednesday March 11, 2009

Bottled update
Reporter: Hannah Wallis

We asked you what you thought of the situation of Christchurch couple Cody and Mel, who visited Piranha Cafe and Bar and thought they'd ordered a  couple of $8 glasses of red wine, but ended up paying $575 for a  bottle of Penfold Grange. Most of you supported Cody, some said there was merit on both sides and there was solid support for the cafe, though much of that was for their part in what seemed, at the time, a solution for Cody.

Last week Piranha told us they'd come to an arrangement with Penfold Wines - which the cafe described as a "win win for everyone". Both Fair Go and Penfold understood Piranha would refund Cody the $575. 

But Piranha say the deal was that Cody and Mel would get meal vouchers - this despite the fact we'd told Piranha the couple didn't want vouchers because they didn't ever want to eat at Piranha again. This week Piranha

also suggested a fund raising dinner at the cafe - with Penfolds forking out for some wine - and $10 a head going to Cody. We thought that was a bit cheeky, but more importantly, Cody and Mel and their friends and family simply don't want to go to the cafe.

So, the deal has fallen over and Cody and Mel are still out of pocket by almost $600. By comparison to Penfold Wines, it has to be said that we've found the Piranha cafe very difficult to deal with. 

Again we'd like to thank Penfold for their generosity and also thanks to the viewers who sent in a $50 cheque for Cody. And thanks to Ann's Volcanic Motel in Rotorua who've offered the couple a free weekend. Very nice.


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