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Fair Go: Aotea web rant

Published: 5:15PM Wednesday March 04, 2009 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Kevin Milne

In a moderate letter, Sue Meadows complained to Aotea Web Hosting Ltd, a British based firm which has been on Fair Go before, that she'd asked to end her contract with them, yet they continued to bill her.

In response, she received 25 phone calls in 12 hours from Bruce Clarke, the New Zealander who owns the firm. Several were extremely abusive, threatening, and used foul language. He told her" We will see you go down. You will be named and shamed." He described her as a "F...... coward."

Sue has sent details of the calls to the police and believes that, given his record, Clarke should be banned from making phone calls to customers. She also wants an apology and any money owing to her refunded.

Fair Go finds it ironic that Clarke insists that customers who use the websites he sets up not use, quote, "material we judge to be threatening or obscene." We also find it ironic that someone who pushes the kiwi image strongly on his company websites, told Sue that he thinks fellow New Zealanders are "bloody shitheads."

We recommend you don't use Clarke's business, Aotea Web Hosting Ltd.

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