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Disability parking poachers update

Published: 8:55PM Wednesday June 10, 2009 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt
Your emails flooded in after last week's story on abuse of disability parking. Lots of you are furious about it. We also got some pretty interesting photos, so we've decided to start a page on the Fair Go website to display them.

Here are the first entries, and the response from the owners or operators of the vehicles:

NZ Couriers van
April 2008

Response from NZ Couriers
We were notified of this incident at the time by a member of the public and acted immediately by dealing with the courier concerned to ensure such incidents were never repeated. We agree it is entirely inappropriate and inexcusable and treat such issues, like this one, very seriously.
Steve Wells, NZ Couriers

Skip-e-Bins skip
Kapiti Coast
April 2009

Response from Skip-e-bins:
Our driver was instructed by the contractor, who was renovating the nearby church, to place the skip bin in that location - this was unfortunately the 'safest' if not most appropriate place. When our office received the complaint from the woman whom had taken the photo, we contacted the contractor and agreed with the complainant that the bin should be removed and I personally removed the bin from the site as promptly as possible.
Brett Maclean
Skip E Bins Ltd

The right way to do it:
Gisborne District Council
GDC has painted its spaces a spectacular blue colour. So far it's the only council in the country to have done so, and it's had a dramatic effect. The council says in the six months since they did so, abuse of the parks is down about 40% on the previous six months. We think that's brilliant, and we challenge all other councils in the country to do the same, and go blue.

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