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Fair Go: Costly listing

Published: 9:38PM Wednesday June 24, 2009 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Kevin Milne

As a residential customer, you pay nothing extra for a white pages listing because that was part of the deal when Telecom was privatised, and that commitment carried on over when Yellow (Yellow Pages) took over the phone book business from Telecom.

But residents at the Olive Tree retirement village in Palmerston North, who all have their own phone numbers for their individual rooms - are being charged as businesses, $20.80 a year, because their numbers are routed through an exchange at the retirement home, and the home is a business.

The residents do get a cheaper line rental because they're on the exchange and not on individual lines, but we thought it seemed crazy suggesting these residents, and who knows how many thousands in other rest homes, were being treated as business customers of Yellow.

Yellow say the Olive Tree holds the business account, and the residents' details are treated as additional listings. They say they actually charge rest home residents, hostels and other long term stay businesses much less than they do for businesses such as law firms. But Kim

Austin, a director of Olive Tree, finds Yellow's policy of treating the rest home residents as business customers, ridiculous.

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