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Published: 5:46PM Tuesday June 27, 2006

If you've been ripped off, short-changed or given the runaround and nobody wants to know... we do!  You can:


Alternatively you can fax us 09 916 7170 or write to us at Fair Go, Private Bag, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland. As we get up to 300 letters a week, we would appreciate a concise account of your problem. Preferably a summary of 500 words in the first instance. 

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  • franklk said on 2015-01-23 @ 23:35 NZDT:

    LOL fax or mail, how old school wanted to email about grabone not giving a fair due refund have to wait now till I get back to work with the fax seriously no email really!

  • Ashlees001 said on 2015-01-14 @ 19:01 NZDT:

    I purchased an Iphone 5s from Dicksmith on a 2 yr contract. In one week of owning the phone severe bending damage was caused after the placing the phone in the front pocket of my jeans. Product fault right? Went back to DS and the staff were extremely rude saying my jeans must cut off the circulation to my ankles.Sent phone off and they had it for 3 whole months AND wont cover the damage although I have researched & found this is a common problem. Apparently going to cost me over $400 to fix!

  • coach11 said on 2015-01-14 @ 14:00 NZDT:

    I purchased a Ute that had been modified & the engine & trans was certified But the front suspension Breaks & diff & brakes were not But the ute continued to pass WOF inspection & VTNZ westgate for two years & the wof they passed it even through the seat belt did not work properly as it was made up of two different parts. I have complained to NZTA & they agree & have held up my complaint. But VTNZ westgate Have offered me first $350 then $500 & now $600 to go away ( I have to singe a disclaimer)

  • stephb said on 2015-01-06 @ 10:27 NZDT:

    Went to the Z petrol station and used the pay at pump option and put 38 dollars worth of petrol in. I then checked my bank balance and saw that I had $200 on hold which I presumed was from the petrol station, which was confirmed by my bank. I understand that the petrol station has authority to do this but $200 for a $38 purchase seems ridiculous, given that I wouldn't have access to this money for up to 3 days. I would have been in a mess if I didn't have much money

  • sermi38p said on 2014-12-28 @ 07:52 NZDT:

    "Lemon" I financed a vehicle 2 yesrs ago. Still paying for it. Had issues with window not going up, wont fix it. 2nd window wont fix it. Transmission leaked wont fix it. Cant drive it still paying wont fix it. Lemon car, lemon dealer. Writing tribunal tomorrow and anyone who will listen. Car cost me 10,000 btw.