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Fair Go: April 9

Published: 11:06AM Wednesday April 09, 2014 Source: Fair Go

Who's that knockin'?

Reporter: Amy Kelley

Door-to-door salespeople - do you give them the time of day or turn them away?

Market research suggests a lot of Kiwis are no good at saying 'no'; 88% of us dislike door-knockers, but 20% of those who listen to their sales pitch end up buying from them. A lot of travelling salespeople are from legitimate companies, but we get a steady stream of complaints about pushy peddlers who've left people feeling ripped off. Tonight, a former door-knocker reveals how he persuades people to buy, and we give you some tips for protecting yourself.

DIY is best?

Reporter: Hannah Wallis

Does the internet mean travel agents a waste of time?

Hannah was organising her trip and wondered, is the internet is quicker, better and cheaper than a travel agent when it comes to

organising your travel?

The Easter chocolate eggs-periment

Reporter: Garth Bray

Easter is coming - and so is proof that no problem is too small for Fair Go to tackle.

We follow one Easter egg lover's quest for the truth and uncover a secret (though hardly sinister) plot to test snack-sized eggs on Kiwis this Easter.

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