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Fair Go: April 24

Published: 3:39PM Wednesday April 24, 2013 Source: Fair Go


Reporter: Gordon Harcourt  

Wouldn't getting a cheaper power bill be great?  We reckon the next best thing would be getting a simpler, clearer power bill, so it's easier to see  if you can get a better deal. Fair Go has  been calling for that for two years, and over in Britain that is exactly what is happening.

Gordon Harcourt was in London recently and investigated the way they are changing their power bills for the better, and he asks why aren't we doing that here? 


Reporter: Mark Crysell

Tonight we have a happy ending.  Bitumen Bandits have ripped off people all over the North Island going door to door offering to repave driveways and leaving behind an overpriced sticky mess - tonight we return to Ngaruawahia and the driveway of 83 year old Ethwyn Licence to put things right.


Reporter: Hannah Wallis

Fraser Blakeway's two year old Sony camera stopped working - and it was going to cost Fraser a bomb to fix it.  We didn't think Fraser should have to pay for that and Sony agreed - we caught up with Fraser trying out his brand new camera.


Reporter: Amy Kelley

No-one likes to pay for parking.. but what's even harder to swallow are the hefty 'fees' car park companies are known to slap on anyone breaching their conditions.

But what if those conditions aren't made clear to you?

Take Kris Habraken.. whose car was locked in a Tournament parking shed while he was out at dinner. He had to pay $50 to have it released, which he felt was unfair because he hadn't seen signage stating the shed's closing time and says it wasn't clear or prominent enough. He'd also entered the shed and bought his ticket at 8.05pm.. five minutes after the supposed closing time!

Tournament says there are two signs stating the closing time on the outside of the shed, and it's always believed these to be sufficient. However, it can also understand Kris' point of view that these may not have stood out in the dark. It's installed two larger signs, added the shed's closing time to its website, and reprogrammed the shed's pay machine not to sell tickets after 8pm.


REPORTER: Libby Middlebrook 

Lyn and Gary Williams bought their Palmerston North home through a rent-to-buy scheme more than ten years ago.

They faithfully paid their weekly contributions towards mortgage, rates and insurance, when they were suddenly informed their home was going up for mortgagee sale.

The rent-to-buy scheme operators - Vivienne and Grant Bryers - had gone bust, owing a huge debt to the bank. But they hadn't bothered to inform the Williams of their failing financial situation.

Another family in Palmerston North is also facing losing their home through another rent-to-buy scheme run by the Bryers.  The ASB bank has now stepped up and is trying to assist the families.

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