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Fair Go: April 16

Published: 3:51PM Wednesday April 16, 2014 Source: Fair Go


Reporter: Garth Bray

Renting a holiday home to, or from, a total stranger? What could possibly go wrong?

Online holiday home rentals are booming the world over as travellers hunt for bargains and home owners look for ways to make extra money..

But there are risks for both sides. Find out what you need to know to avoid holiday home horror.


Reporter Libby Middlebrook

A cleaning bill run up by the Public Trust horrified one trusting family

The public trust is one of the country's most trusted organisations ... looking after the wills of hundreds of thousands of kiwis.

so you'd think clear communication would be one of their strongest points.


Reporter: Amy Kelley

When was the last time you used a cheque?

There's no doubt they're on the way out - cheque use is declining 10% each year. But Brent Birchfield reckons that's no reason for retailers to stop accepting them now. He's dyslexic and finds cheques the easiest method of making payments - so was pretty peeved when a cheque he sent to pay an American Express account was rejected.

We take a look at other companies' policies on cheques and give you a sneak peek of a new payment method to be launched later this year.


We asked some of New Zealand's largest companies about their policies on accepting cheques. Watch this clip for the low-down on who does & doesn't take them.

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