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Fair Go: 6 August

Published: 10:31AM Monday August 04, 2014

  • Southern Cross Health Society sign (Source: Fair Go)
    Southern Cross Health Society sign - Source: Fair Go

Scalped tickets

reporter Hannah Wallis

Are your tickets bought online legit?

Te Awamutu woman Jane Sinclair is anti-scalping, but she got on a scalping website called ticketbis by mistake (it looks very similar to authorised ticket selling sites like ticketmaster and ticketek) and she ended up buying second hand Bledisloe Cup tickets at inflated prices. She also paid for a courier service she didn't get - and to top it all off - she's found out what you actually risk when you buy second hand tickets.

NZ Rugby best advice: go to  to find out who the official ticket sellers are for each game.

Ticketmaster best advice - buy direct from authorised sellers but, if you are buying second hand tickets because an event is sold-out, then only use a website which has a money back guarantee and a dedicated customer service helpdesk  .


Skin Deep

Reporter: Mark Crysell

Southern Cross cuts choice to cut fees - what does that mean for patients?

One in five kiwis is a member of Southern Cross and many of them signed up because they wanted to choose when they would be treated and when. In an effort to keep down the rising cost of premiums Southern Cross has extended it's list of affliated providers for minor surgeries - that means the list of health providers is now a choice of Southern Cross's and not the patient. What does this mean for a patient who has seen the same specialist for years and how are health professionals responding?


"24/7 Unavailable"

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

We say steer clear of 24/7 Hosting

We are warning people to steer clear of Christchurch outfit 24/7 Hosting, formerly run by Caleb Finlay, because of persistently bad service. One customer told us she calls it "24/7 Unavailable".  It's under new management but complaints persist.

If you are with 24/7 Hosting and want to move your website you will need the UDAI code, the Unique Domain Authentication Identifier code.  It's like a password for a domain name (or web address).  We suggest you contact Voyager Internet. 24/7 Hosting was reselling Voyager's services, so Voyager can access the UDAI if you can't.

The Domain Name Commission issued a warning about 24/7 Hosting earlier this year.  The DNC manages all domains (web addresses) ending in .nz

The DNC recommends using an authorised registrar when registering a .nz domain name.  Here's a link to the DNC's list of authorised registrars.

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