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Dr John Marsden biography

Presenter: Dr John Marsden PhD, C.Psychol

Dr John Marsden is a well-known and successful television science presenter, who makes science accessible and fun.

John is a chartered psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Addictive Behaviour at London's Institute of Psychiatry (IOP)
and a senior member of the UK National Addiction Centre.

He trained in psychology at University College London between 1981-1984 and his PhD studies were on the
treatment of alcohol and other drug problems.

Between 1987-1994, he was a member of the central management team for Turning Point, the UK's largest voluntary
agency in the field of drugs, alcohol and mental health.

Joining the National Addiction Centre in 1995, John has since co-ordinated research projects for government departments and international agencies on a wide range of issues in the substance misuse field and is a staff member for the IOP's MSc teaching programme on drug misuse.

He is a expert consultant to the UK Anti-Drugs Co-ordinating Unit, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Drug Control Programme.