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The Brother

Johnny 'Drama' Chase, played by Kevin Dillon

Vince's half-brother Drama has had his own acting aspirations eclipsed by Vince's success.

In the past he's had appearances on such programs as Melrose Place, Viking Quest and Pacific Blue.

But nowadays, most people recognise him as the brother of current Hollywood star Vince Chase.

Always looking to get "back in the game", Drama is happy to audition for practically any role.

About Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon is best known for his performances in Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone's "Platoon" and "The Doors."  Dillon appeared as Paulie, the son of Ellen Burstyn and Paul Sorvino in the critically acclaimed television series "That's Life."  He has also starred in such films as "Out for Blood," "Heaven Help Us," "The Blob," "Immediate Family," "No Escape" and most recently in Wolfgang Petersen's "Poseidon."

Born and raised in New York, Dillon is one of six children.  He currently resides in Los Angeles. Actor Kevin Dillon is also the lesser-known brother of film star Matt Dillon -adding to the 'insider' element of the series.