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Audition for fame at the Lilypad

The Lilypad crew, Big Day Out's annual purveyors of lunacy, are looking to recruit top shelf entertainers and low rent wanna-be pranksters via the inaugural "Search For A Lilypad Star" competition.

The purpose is simple - to look for new, undiscovered talent to fill the boots of those crusty old Lilypad tricksters. These guys have had the rock world's most coveted job for so long even the real rock gods wanna do what they do! But now the punters have a chance at snagging that dream job on the Big Day Out's Lilypad in 2004. There will be winners at each event but the most sensational act of all will walk away with an invitation to join the world's biggest rock and roll circus.

Join the fun at the Big Day Out on the wackiest stage of them all!

The "Search For A Lilypad Star" competition is open to all comers, including existing popstars, DJs, rappers, dancers, improvisationists and comedians of all shapes and sizes' (All entrants must be over 18 years of age). There will be five finalists selected per Big Day Out event and auditions will be conducted live onstage before an all-star judging panel.

Each finalist will be required to do a three minute solo piece of their own choosing before all the contestants are engaged in set piece competition events. These might include some dirty dancing, ad-libbing on the mike, a spot of DJing or answering trick quiz questions as posed by an all star judging panel.

One winner in each city will be offered a paid slot on the Lilypad in their hometown for the 2004 event. The overall winner, as chosen by a hardened celebrity selection panel, will be invited to join Big Day Out 2004 tour as part the Lilypad crew.

If you think you're talented enough and have the stamina for a potential three-week bender with a bunch of rock loons, send them a short promo-blurb-video-CD-whatever and tell us about yourself and why you reckon you should be a member of the Lilypad. Don't forget to mention any particular talents you might have such as yodelling or dry humping soft toys!

Submit examples of your work by mail to:
"Search For A Lilypad Star"
PO Box 68-654

Entries must be in the mailbox by 6pm on Monday January 13 2003.

The "Search For A Lilypad Star" auditions will take place at every Big Day Out event at 2.00pm local time over at the Lilypad stage. Expect the unexpected and get cracking with the bad jokes.