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Virgin Mary seen in Shortland Street mug

Published: 10:17AM Thursday April 14, 2011 Source: ONE News

Shortland Street has been hailed as New Zealand's most popular soap for many years, but now there's something else being hailed at the Shortland Street studios.

Staff at South Pacific Pictures in West Auckland where the TV2 show is filmed are gathering in awe around a coffee mug in which they say an apparition of the Virgin Mary has appeared.

Breakfast reporter Alison Pugh visited Shortland Street yesterday and was shown the mug for her opinion and told Breakfast this morning she was convinced.

"They're really buzzing out there," she said. "It blows your mind!"

Shortland Street's storyliners were sitting around talking about scripts when one of the women noticed the image at the bottom of her cup.

"She yelled out to everyone and they all had a look and all agreed it does look like the Virgin Mary," Pugh said.

Breakfast's Corin Dann was a disbeliever though - he said it didn't look anything like the Madonna.

But Damon Andrews, one of the Shortland St storyliners, told Breakfast that disbelievers have to see it first.

"Everyone has reacted the same really. People come in disbelieving - they walk over and have a look and then they are like 'oh my god, it really does look like her'," Andrews said.

He said he can 100 percent verify that the Virgin is authentic.

Pugh told Breakfast she thought the story would go "global".

"Remember the toast with the virgin," she said. "That went for $28,000."

The mug is now being auctioned on international auction site eBay with all proceeds going to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

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